Hey guys my name is Allan and this is my first post (for the 100th time LOL).

Well I’ve been in Online Marketing since 2010 and yeah you guess I have not had a lot of success jet.

I know this is not the most positive writing to make sales but i was watching a webinar yesterday and the guy was saying that this is a great way to start your blog…. I guess is because you want to be transparent but also because is an excellent way to get it out of my chest.

And i’m hopping nobody will read this anyway jaja…..

But here is what I want to do with this post:

1. I want to say that does not matter the 4 to 5 years of failure trying o make money online to me is just the experience I needed to learn how to make money.

By now I’m 100% sure that one method to really have success is to build my own list and that’s what i will do

2. My goal is to build a list of prospect that I can market to in the Internet Marketing niche, I know that there is a lot of people that are in the same boat as I am and i want to help by sharing my journey and what I’m learning and what is working for me.

…. so I’m starting a fresh list (well is not like I had thousands of leads)

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.40.37 AM
The only subscriber is me

And I will start driving traffic to my list using a Free system I’ve found that gives me a lot of tools you can check this tool out here

I hope to keep writing here often and I will talk to you next time