My First Post

Hello Allan here…

This is my first post so i tough i will give you a little bit of history about me so here it is.

I have been playing the internet marketing game since 2010.

I started as a niche site affiliate marketer creating blogs in 2010-2012.

I created about 28 niche blogs promoting different clickbank and jvzoo offers in a couple of different industries.

I remember creating my first blog on and posting my first posts.

It took me a few years (yes that’s right a few years) to make money, but finally I was able to learn what i needed to really make money.

That moment had opened my eyes and let me to believe that all this make money online stuff does work.

Later I expanded to the mainstream affiliate marketing (CPA, Amazon, Clickbank)
and my business grew exponentially.

In 2013 i started promoting MLM products, I think is the best way to really explode your business with residual income and building a Team and the rest is history  and now i want to document what i’ve learned here in my blog.

So I in this blog i will be talking about my journey in my online business, i will bring you product reviews and i will document any projects and their process as i go thought them.

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